Speech Therapy   •   May 14, 2020

Using Core Words In Speech and Language Therapy

Most of these are core words, they are the starting blocks of developing 2 word phrases and eventually longer sentences. Core words are frequently used words that can be stated in multiple situations (i.e. more, go, stop, in, out, etc.). This is compared to words like “milk” or “book” which are what we call “fringe […]

In-home Therapy   •   May 14, 2020

Developing Segregation Skills and Vocabulary With In Home Pediatric Therapy

Describing is being able to explain that a banana is a yellow, long fruit that can be peeled, cut, and eaten. Categorization is being able to group things together in multiple ways. It’s saying that bananas, apples, and cherries are fruits or a banana, a pineapple, and a lemon are all things that are yellow, […]

Teletherapy   •   April 8, 2020

Building Fine Motor Skills in Young Kids

What are fine motor skills? Fine motor skills are used by your baby at any time to explore or complete a task using their hands, fingers, wrists and eyes. They use fine motor skills when they search for an item that attracts them, or when they hold their bottle during feeding times. What is the […]

In-home Therapy   •   April 8, 2020

Improving Balance in Toddlers

Balance is the sense of maintaining an appropriate body posture during a static or dynamic activity. Static balance is in which a person maintains a controlled body posture while standing so as not to fall, while dynamic balance relates to riding a bicycle or simply walking. In toddlers, self regulation and sensory processing are two […]