21 Fun Fall Activities To Support Therapy Goals

21 Fun Fall Activities To Support Therapy Goals

21 Fun Fall Activities To Support Therapy Goals

There’s nothing quite like the crisp, sunny days of Fall and all the super fun activities that come with it – especially for our kiddos!

Another great part of Fall activities is that many of them can wonderfully support therapy goals! There is so much we do that works those gross motor, fine motor, speech and social work skills. 

Try one or all and let’s have some Fall fun! 

Speech- Language Supportive Fall Activities 

  • Make the most of Trick or Treating. Kids can practice what they say when they go out trick or treating, how to ask appropriately and when to say “thank you”
  • Collect leaves from the yard and choose a few to compare and contrast. Talk about how they feel, what they look like, if they have a certain smell and name all the various colors. 
  • Go apple picking. Have kiddos describe apples, how they taste, how they look, where they found each apple (under a tree, next to the trunk, etc). Talk about how they taste and all the ways you can use apples at home. 
  • Roasting pumpkin seeds. After carving your pumpkin, follow an easy recipe to roast the seeds. Encourage your child to lead the way and have them practice following the step-by-step instructions.
  • Tell some spooky stories! Get a campfire going and encourage each kiddo to tell a short story about something fun and spooky. Maybe they can make it up as they go along or they can prepare one ahead of time. 

small boy fall activities throwing leaves

OT Supportive Fall Activities 

  • Pumpkin carving. Grab a set of kid friendly carving tools and practice some fine motor skills while giving your pumpkin a silly face!
  • Raking leaves. Help kids work coordination and balance while also checking a chore off your list. 
  • Bobbing for apples in a new way! Instead of dunking into a bucket of water, use a pair of tongs to pick apples out of a bin of water and work those fine motor muscles. 
  • Creating a Fall themed sensory bin. Fill a bin with corn kernels, acorns, pine cones and dry leaves to create a fun sensory experience. 


PT Supportive Fall Activities

  • Go apple picking. Work those big muscle groups as kids reach for apples, climb ladders using balance and coordination and hike through the orchard.
  • Haul the apples. Let your kiddos carry the apples you’ve picked in a basket or load up a wagon they can pull. 
  • Do some heavy yard work (with supervision). Raking leaves, bagging leaves and other debris, collecting fallen branches, pulling a wagon with yard materials – all of these activities support your child’s PT goals!
  • Play in the leaves! Encourage your kiddos to run, jump and roll around in the piles of leaves.
  • Have a family touch football game and work those big muscle groups. 
  • Take a Fall hike through the woods. Find a trail with some hills, maybe stair and enjoy the outdoors while doing some good PT work! 

boy and girl with pumpkins fall activities

Social Work Supportive Fall Activities 

  • Decorate pumpkins. Get a few smaller pumpkins and have kiddos decorate each one with a different emotion face. Talk about how each pumpkin might feel based on the face.
  • Make a gratitude list for Thanksgiving dinner. Focus on the good things that have happened in the last year and what has made them feel happy and grateful. 
  • Have a few friends over for a small Halloween party. Let your kiddo take the lead – choose the guests, choose the activities, etc.
  • Create some Fall art! Sticking with the Fall theme, have kids draw, paint and create some art for around the house 
  • Write a Fall story! Have kids choose one of their favorite characters from a book, movie, show, etc, and have them write a Fall themed story based around that character.
  • Have a Fall scavenger hunt! Create a list of Fall items, inside or outside, that kiddos have to search for. Grab a few friends and make it a group activity!


There is so much that happens during the Fall that can easily be made into a fun, therapy-supportive activity. Remember that therapy doesn’t just happen with a teacher or clinician, it happens with you too! 


Questions? We’d love to help! Reach out and let’s see how we can best support you and your child!