Speech-Language Therapy with Beyond Speech

At Beyond Speech, our Speech Therapists work with your child to develop the speech and language skills they need to effectively communicate and to address any speech and/or language disorders.

Speech-language therapy sessions are designed to build upon your child’s existing skills AND work on the areas of communication where there are challenges and deficits.

Like all our therapy, speech therapy happens at home where your child is most comfortable and at ease. These sessions are a combination of different therapy techniques and strategies along with the type of play that kids love best!

At Beyond Speech we love to Play With A Purpose!

Our certified and accredited Speech-language therapists utilize a variety of techniques and strategies based on your child’s specific needs.

  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
  • Food chaining
  • Picture communication
  • PROMPT therapy
  • Sign Language
  • Visual Phonics
  • Language Processing Disorders

Speech-Language Milestones

These behaviors and milestones are typical for the age range indicated. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s development and/or milestone achievements, reach out to us at Beyond Speech.

At 4-6 Months, a child will typically:

  • Moves eyes toward the directions of sounds
  • Respond to ‘NO’ and changes in tone of voice
  • Notice toys that make sounds
  • Recognize voices
  • Use sounds ‘P’, ‘B’ and ‘M’ when babbling
  • Smile and laugh when spoken to
  • Vocalize excitement and displeasure
  • Make gurgling sounds when left alone and when interacting with another person.

At 7-12 Months, a child will typically: 

  • Enjoy games such as ‘Peek-a-boo” & “Pat-a-cake”
  • Turn and look in the direction of sounds
  • Respond to their name
  • Recognize words for common items – “cup”, “shoe”, “book”, “toy”, etc.
  • Begin to respond to verbal requests – “Give me”
  • Use a large variety of sounds when babbling
  • Use speech or non-crying sounds to get & keep attention
  • Use gestures to communicate – wave, hold up arms to be picked up, etc.
  • Imitate different speech sounds
  • Has and uses 1-3 meaningful words regularly – “Hi”, “dog”, “mama”, “dada”

At 1-2 Years, a child will typically:

  • Ask & answer ‘WH’ questions – “Where’s kitty?”, “What’s that?”, etc.
  • Puts two word phrases together – “more juice”, “mommy book”, etc.
  • Be approximately 12-50% intelligible (understandable) to strangers

At 2-3 Years, a child will typically:

  • Understand differences in meaning – “go/stop”, “in/on”, “big/little”, “up/down”
  • Follow 2 part commands – “Get the book and put it on the chair”
  • Understand 500-900+ words
  • Use 2-4 word phrases & maintain a topic over several conversational turns
  • Use ‘k’, ‘g’, ‘f’, ‘t’, ‘d’ & ‘n’ sounds
  • Produce 50-250+ words
  • Be approximately 50-75% intelligible (understandable) to strangers

At 3-4 Years, a child will typically:

  • Understand the function of objects
  • Understand the concept of opposites
  • Follow a 2 and 3 part command – “Get the book, put it on the chair and close the door”
  • Correctly answers simple ‘Who’, ‘What’, ‘Where’ & ‘Why’ questions
  • Use language to express emotions
  • Relate to recent events
  • Use mostly nouns & verbs when speaking
  • Talk easily without repeating syllables or words
  • Be approximately 80% intelligible (understandable) to strangers

At 4-5 Years, a child will typically:

  • Pay attention to a short story & answer simple questions
  • Use 4-8 word sentences with adult-like grammar
  • Tells stories that stay on topic
  • Communicate easily with other children & adults
  • Answer complex 2 part questions
  • Be intelligible (understandable) to strangers; although some sound errors may persist.

At 5-6 Years, a child will typically: 

  • Accurately relay a story or series of events
  • Exchange information and ask questions
  • Use sentences with details
  • Follow instructions given to a group
  • Ask ‘How” questions
  • Begin to demonstrate sequencing abilities – Days of the week, Months of the year, etc.
  • Answer open-ended questions – “What did you do during recess today?”

At Beyond Speech Therapy Specialists, we are committed to the growth and success of all our clients and families!

If you’d like to learn more about Speech-Language Therapy, please Contact Us at (779) 435-0724.