Physical Therapy with Beyond Speech

Physical therapy focuses on physical strength, mobility and ease of movement. Our therapists work to build gross motor skills, balance, core strength and overall mobility.

Physical Therapy sessions take place in-home and utilize your child’s own environment, plus additional strategies and tools, to build that physical strength and confidence!

At Beyond Speech we love to play with a purpose and our therapists know how to turn a weekly physical therapy session into so much fun!

Physical Therapy helps with:

  • Gross Motor Skills & Deficits
  • Core & Body Strength
  • Balance
  • Motor Planning
  • Ease of movement – walking, running, kicking, jumping, etc.
  • Recovery from physical injury

Physical Therapy Milestones

These behaviors and milestones are typical for the age range indicated. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s development and/or milestone achievements, reach out to us at Beyond Speech.

At 2-3 Months, a child will typically:

  • Bend and straighten arms and legs while lying on their back
  • Begin to bear weight on their legs

At 4-6 Months, a child will typically:

  • Maintain balance while in a sitting position
  • Bring both hands to midline while on their back
  • Raise arms and legs with smooth movements while lying on their stomach and back

At 6-8 Months, a child will typically:

  • Move forward up to three feet using their arms
  • Pull to sitting position
  • Maintain sitting balance while grasping and reaching for a toy
  • Roll from back to stomach
  • Lift head while lying on their stomach

At 9-12 Months, a child will typically:

  • Balance in a standing position for 5 seconds
  • Creep on a flat surface and over a small barrier

At 18 Months, a child will typically:

  • Walk up 4 steps
  • Walk independently for 15 feet
  • Walk backwards
  • Throw a ball

At 24 Months, a child will typically:

  • Run forward at least 10 ft
  • Jump
  • Kick a ball forward
  • Walk sideways

At 3 Years, a child will typically:

  • Lift both feet to jump forward 24 inches
  • Walk up 4 steps, alternating feet
  • Stand on one foot for 3 seconds
  • Catch an 8 in. ball

At 4 Years, a child will typically:

  • Walk down 4 steps alternating feet
  • Run and hop forward on 1 foot
  • Throw a ball overhand at a target from 5 ft. away

At 5 Years, a child will typically:

  • Skip for 8 ft
  • Stand on each foot for 20 seconds
  • Complete several sit-ups
  • Run and change direction without falling

At Beyond Speech Therapy Specialists, we are committed to the growth and success of all our clients and families!

If you’d like to learn more about our Physical Therapy services, please contact us and we will be in contact with you soon! You can also call us at (779) 435-0724.