In-home Therapy, Speech Therapy   •   January 12, 2021

Back to the Beginning….

Hi All!  Katie here. Happy New Year! I could use this new blog post to reflect on all that we encountered in 2020, but I think we have all heard enough of 2020, right?!? As the new year begins and we approach our 9th year in business, we have set out to tackle some big, […]

Physical Therapy   •   September 22, 2020

Balancing is the core of motor skills

The longer I am a physical therapist, the more I find these overarching themes in PT treatment. One thing that I find again and again is that balance is key in attaining all gross motor milestones. You need better balance to learn to walk, run, climb, ride a bike…the list goes on.  Balance is typically […]

In-home Therapy   •   September 12, 2020

Games to Develop Self-Control in Children

Who knew that playing games would be considered therapy?  We did!  As our name suggests, Beyond Speech Therapy Specialists go “beyond speech.”  Services delivered by our Licensed Clinical Social Workers provide social-emotional and behavioral therapy that help support the rollercoaster that we can sometimes experience with child development. The ups and downs include it all, […]

Fine Motor Therapy   •   September 2, 2020

How to encourage multi-sensory development in children?

Exposure to multi-sensory activities is very important from the early stages of development, because it encourages children to explore their environment and interpret sensory stimuli in a variety of ways through their senses. It facilitates an awareness of their body and the functions of their different senses. For example, through exposing them to various smells […]

Physical Therapy   •   August 24, 2020

Fun With Blocks During Physical Therapy

As a parent, one activity that I’m always up for is building with blocks. It’s also an activity that I frequently turn to for in-home therapy sessions. When my oldest was a baby we were given a big bag of Megablocks, and we are still using them today, even as she enters kindergarten. I love […]