30 Therapy-Approved Gifts for Kids

30 Therapy-Approved Gifts for Kids

30 Therapy-Approved Gifts for Kids

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and giving! And at Beyond Speech Therapy Specialists, we believe in giving gifts that not only bring smiles to children’s faces but also support their development and well-being. 

We’ve curated a gift guide filled with 30 therapy-approved gifts for kids. These gifts have been carefully selected to promote learning, creativity, and fun, all while aligning with our commitment to holistic child development.

Our motto has always been “Play With A Purpose” – and these gifts will definitely do that!

Happy Holidays!

30 Supportive & Super Fun Gifts For Kids

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Speech & Language Supportive Gifts

Alphabet Nesting & Stacking Blocks
These classic blocks are awesome to practice letter and word recognition, color and number identification and basic question and answer about the different images on each block. They are also a great gross motor toy as kiddos stack them high!

Melissa & Doug Poke-A-Dot Board Books
These fun, interactive books provide our little ones with so much opportunity for object identification, basic question and answer and some sensory fun with little “poke”-a-dots that pop when you push them!

An awesome game for our older kids! Headbanz is a family friendly game of question and answer as you try to help each other guess who or what is on the card in their headband! This one works on deductive reasoning, question and answer skills and cooperative play. 

Guess Who?
A classic and super effective way to build critical thinking skills and deductive reasoning. As kids ask questions to try and eliminate characters on the board, they are flexing their brain muscles with yes and no questions, preposition practice and describing words – and having a blast doing it!

Scrabble Jr. 
No better way to build vocabulary and problem solve than a game of words! Scrabble Jr provides kids with a multi-sensory game experience that works strategy and problem solving skills along with fine motor manipulation. 

Gross Motor Supportive Gifts

Bucket Stilts
An absolute play-with-a-purpose toy! Work on those gross motor skills – coordination, balance and core strength – while having so much fun!

Melissa and Doug Bowling Friends
Perfect for the little guys, this colorful, weighted bowling set is a multi-sensory must! Roll the ball to knock down the pins or use those big movements to kick them down! 

Backyard Obstacle Course Kit 
Big play and big muscle work is easy when you create your own backyard obstacle course! Use the set outside in warmer months or set it up in the basement during the winter. There are so many ways to use this toy!

Stretch those muscles and prepare for some gross motor work! Twister is an awesome choice to work core strength, coordination and balance. Kiddos are also able to use active listening, direction following and planning skills. 

Wobble Exercise Balance Board
This balance board can help improve core strength, coordination, posture, and balance. Start of game of Simon Says while the kids work on their balance!

Fine Motor Supportive Gifts

Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog
Practice fine motor, color recognition and direction following with Spike! This colorful little guy works small but important hand muscles while also giving the opportunity to practice vocab and story telling skills.

SpinAgain Stacking Toy
Build a spinning tower while working on color identification, cause and effect and so much more! This is also a great toy to practice fine motor skills. 

Counting Surprise Toy Set 
Kids can unbox, sort and stack all while working on identifying objects, naming colors and making predictions about what will be in each box!

Gardening Kit For Kids
Create your very own vegetable garden with this all-in-one garden kit! Start it during the winter and be ready for spring planting. The use of small items and tools gives kids a chance to work small muscles and to practice planning and managing a project. 

Suspend – The Balancing Game
This award-winning “teetering, wobbling, shifting, tipping, unbalanced, balance game” is the perfect addition to any family game night! Practice planning and strategy along with fine motor work during this awesome Melissa & Doug game.

Lite Brite
This classic is a fine motor dream! Kids build fine motor muscles as they manipulate the pegs and follow the patterns. This is a great off screen game. 

Social-Emotional Supportive Gifts

Melissa & Doug Hand Puppets
Imaginative play is an awesome way for kids to work though feelings, emotions and real life scenarios. These cute and colorful hand puppets make the perfect characters in any puppet show!

Scrapbooking Kit 
Let their creative side shine while giving our kids space to reflect on past events, activities and feelings! Encourage kiddos to make a summer scrapbook where they can keep pictures and mementos of their summer months and everything they did. 

A fast paced game of family friendly charades is sure to get the fun going! A great option for the older kids to practice positive game play and

My Feelings
This board game uses 280 different social and emotional scenarios to help kids learn to understand and talk through some big feelings.

Mad Smartz
This STEM based card game is just like the classic UNO game and improves social emotional learning through question and answer play. 

Life Skills Supportive Gifts

Friendship Bracelet Kit
Are your kids in their friendship era? This kit has everything your kids need to start making awesome friendship bracelets and foster relationships. 

Kid’s Food Prep Set 
A great way to encourage new foods is to get kids involved in the kitchen! This kid-friendly, silicon food prep set is made for little hands who are ready to help out! 

Find & Seek Scavenger Hunt Game 
Perfect for indoor or outdoor scavenging! Create a scavenger hunt for the family or a group of friends and see what kind of fun you can find!

Conversation Cubes
Helping kids feel comfortable and confident engaging in conversation is a crucial life skill. These soft cubes feature questions to ask and faces to talk about, working social emotional skills while having fun!

Just-Plain-Fun Favorites

Leave it to this classic game to be a winner for skill growth! Fine motor work, concentration practice, planning and logistics – Jenga does so much and leaves everyone laughing!

Mega Blocks
Create a tower as big as they are, knock it down and make a game of squatting low and jumping high to clean up all the pieces! The possibilities with these sturdy, colorful blocks are endless. 

Magnetic Drawing Board
This take-it-anywhere activity board is great for anytime and anywhere. No mess, no clean up and limitless creativity!  

Indoor/Outdoor Movie Projector
Take movie nights up a notch! During the winter, build a blanket nest and snuggle in and then in the summer, grab a few chairs and turn the garage into a movie theater!

Really work that concentration and focus, along with shape identification and fine motor skills, all in one exciting game! Get all the pieces in their correct place before they all POP!

We hope this holiday season is the best yet! And as we look forward to the new year, remember that Beyond Speech Therapy Specialists is here to support you and your child on their journey of growth and development!

If you have questions, concerns or would like to connect with once of our amazing therapists, please reach out to us at (779) 435-0724 or click here to send us a message!

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