10 Awesome Experience Based Gifts for the Whole Family

10 Awesome Experience Based Gifts for the Whole Family

10 Awesome Experience Based Gifts for the Whole Family

At Beyond Speech we talk a lot about playing with a purpose. We love to recommend products, toys and various devices that help to support goals and allow kiddos to work important skills while doing what kids do best – play!

But having a blast AND working on those goal-reaching skills doesn’t always have to include another toy or product cluttering up the playroom. We’ve gathered 10 exciting experience based gift ideas that will have your kids jumping for joy!

These gift ideas will allow kids to try new skills, see new things and create lifelong memories! 

10 Experience Based Gifts We Love This Holiday

Magazine Subscriptions

With the amount of screen time our kids get these days, finding a more tactile way to engage their minds is the way to go! 

A quick internet search will provide magazines for just about every age and interest. And they’ll love receiving their own mail each month!


Scrapbooking Kit

A great option for older kiddos! Scrapbooking is a fun way to let their creativity soar and helps to create memories that last forever! 


Donate To A Charity 

The holiday season is a great time to help kids practice generosity, empathy and giving. One way to start that conversation and allow kiddos to get  involved in the giving process is to find a charity that they know of or feel is important to them and make a donation. 

Whether it’s a monetary gift or they collect items to donate, the simple act of giving to others is a wonderful skill that is easily instilled at an early age. 

Get a Library Card 

It’s exciting for our kids to have something official with their own name on it! If they haven’t gotten their own library card yet, make a day of it as a holiday surprise!

Plan a day to go get the card, discuss what books they’ll choose and make a list of books they want to check out in the future. Make sure to take pictures and then celebrate with a lunch of their choice!

Memberships to a favorite place 

While toys and games are a great gift, a trip to a favorite zoo, museum or aquarium creates lifelong memories!

Gifting yearly memberships to your kid’s favorite spot is an awesome alternative to traditional holiday presents.


experience based gift for the family

Lessons learn a new skill

Do you have a budding pianist, singer or artist in your house? Giving the gift of lessons in a desired area is a great way to build skills and get kids excited to learn new things!

Check your local rec center, museum or community college and see what kinds of lessons or classes are offered for your child’s age and area of interest. 


Reservations at a family friendly Escape Room

Escape rooms are so much fun and rooms geared toward the whole family are an awesome way to spend the day!

Check with local escape rooms in your area and see if they offer a family-friendly option. Make a reservation and gift it for the holidays!


Tickets to a concert or play

Is your child’s favorite band or singer coming to town? Is there a musical or theater production running that they would love? Grab tickets and make a plan for a fun night out!


Cooking Classes

Give the gift of culinary exploration! Do you have a mini chef who would love to learn some new cooking skills or work on their baking techniques? 

A cooking class is the perfect way to encourage their interests and help them build confidence as they learn new skills in the kitchen  


A Weekend Getaway

What’s better than being surprised with a family vacation!? The holidays are a great time to plan a little winter getaway as a gift!

Whether it’s a big trip to a theme park or just a weekend away in a hotel with a pool, these family trips create lasting memories and provide far more than any toy or product could. 


experienced based gift for the family


Giving experience based gifts this holiday can build skills far beyond the ones we work on in therapy sessions! 

Which experience would your kids flip for this year?





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