Holiday Gift Guide: 15 Therapist Approved Gifts for Kids

Holiday Gift Guide: 15 Therapist Approved Gifts for Kids

Holiday Gift Guide: 15 Therapist Approved Gifts for Kids

The holidays are always filled with fun, family and, the thing our kiddos are most excited for, gifts! And since we love to play with a purpose at Beyond Speech Therapy Specialists, we’ve gathered some awesome gift ideas for each child on your list. 


We’ve arranged our gift guide by discipline – speech, motor work and social work – so finding a gift that your child will love AND supports their goals is so easy! 


Favorite Gifts To Build Motor Skills 

Magic Clay Kit   

This air dry clay kit comes with everything kids need to let their imaginations run wild! We love this clay because it provides awesome sensory input and creative play without being sticky, messy or hard to work with. Also great to work those fine motor muscles in small hands!


Pop Its

The Pop It craze has hit and we love it! These fun, colorful toys are an awesome way to practice fine motor movements!


Washable Crayons

Crayons are always a great go-to gift for kids! These washable crayons give kids a creative outlet, work fine motor skill and allow them to practice their pencil grasp.

Jump Rope 

Another classic toy that does so much more than simply burn off some holiday energy! Jumping rope helps work the large muscle groups, improves gross motor skills and helps kiddos practice balance and coordination

Melissa and Doug Bowling Pins

A great toy for the little guys! This colorful set of bowling pins allows kiddos to use those gross motor skills while having so much fun!

Favorite Gifts To Build Speech Skills


We love using board games to build important speech skills. Zingo is bingo with a zing! This game is a fun way to work on matching, object identifying and categorizing.

Melissa and Doug Ice Cream Kit

This fun, beautifully detailed pretend play set is a great way for kiddos to practice their expressive language! Use categorizing skills and imaginative place as they serve up delicious ice cream treats.


A great game for family game nights! Headbanz allows kiddos to work those critical thinking skills, practice asking and answering questions and use strong describing language.


This one is a fun, fast paced game for the older kids! Blurt works on building vocabulary and using expressive language while also working on auditory comprehension.

Pancake Pile Up

Kids will be serving up some big fun with this one! Stack your pancakes to match the cards and practice some big, important skills along the way. Kids get to practice color matching, shape identification and describing words.

Favorite Gifts to Build Social Work Skills

Wobble Cushion

Wobble cushions are a great everyday accessory that will give kids some good sensory input and help maintain attention during sit-down activities.

Fidget Toy Pack 

Fidget toys are a fun and easy way for kids to help calm their bodies and better attend to activities. This fidget toy pack provides lots of options for every child’s preference.

Visual Timers

Timers are a great way for kids to learn how to organize their day and helps to support a schedule both at home and at school. Boost confidence and independence with these simple timers.


Another classic, family fun game that helps kids practice turn taking, patience and social language skills. This one will be favorite for years!

Spot It  

A game of almost endless possibility, Spot It does it all! Work on turn taking, social play, patience, auditory comprehension and much more!


We hope this holiday season is chock full of all of your favorite things! Take time to enjoy time together and always remember to play with a purpose!