Language therapy, Speech Therapy   •   June 26, 2020

Build Communication Skills through Fun Games with Pediatric Therapy at Home

Describing is being able to explain that a banana is a yellow, long fruit that can be peeled, cut, and eaten. Categorization is being able to group things together in multiple ways. It’s saying that bananas, apples, and cherries are fruits or a banana, a pineapple, and a lemon are all things that are yellow, […]

Teletherapy   •   June 16, 2020

Developing Fine Motor Coordination & Hand Strengthening in Kids

Are you looking for some new games and activities that promote learning and fine motor coordination? Does your child need some new ways to help strengthen the muscles in his or her hand to prevent fatigue during functional activities? Well, you have come to the right place because we have great ideas for you.  Fine […]

Speech Therapy   •   June 5, 2020

Core strength in young children

Have you noticed that your child sits with their legs in a “W” position? Or that your toddler struggles with kicking a ball or climbing the stairs? All of these issues can be related to core weakness. When a child’s abdominal, gluteal, and/or latissimus dorsi muscles are not as strong as they should be, he […]

Speech Therapy   •   May 27, 2020

Descriptive Language in Speech-Language Therapy

Is your little one working on attributes and descriptions in speech therapy? This skill is so important as children develop vocabulary knowledge.  As our kiddos enter school age, our students are required to use language to inform, persuade and describe.  We want them to use these skills to write paragraphs and explain their answers in […]

Teletherapy   •   May 25, 2020

Fine motor Development and Hand strengthening

Looking for a new activity to engage your little ones during this extra time at home? Look no further because we have great ideas for you and your kiddos to keep them building on their current skills while having fun participating. Does your child need some new ways to help strengthen the muscles in his […]