Using Games as Reinforcers For Speech Therapy In Home

Using Games as Reinforcers For Speech Therapy In Home

Using Games as Reinforcers For Speech Therapy In Home

“Wooden magnetic fishing game” is the name of a wooden play set that involves 2 fishing poles and several wooden fish. The object of the game is to use your fishing pole to to catch the fish off the ground. This game can have 1 player who can catch all the fish or multiple players who can take turns sharing the fishing pole, to catch the fish. 

So how can I use it?

This game is one of the best “reinforcers” and teachers of turn taking and waiting.

Have you ever felt like your child doesn’t want to practice their speech at home? Your child doesn’t want to sit and just wants to play? Reinforcers in therapy are prizes that you give kids for working hard. A reinforcer can be as simple as “you did a good job with your ‘s’ sound today” to being able to choose a whole game to play. So how do I make this game a reinforcing game? You hold the fish (the reinforcer) and have your child practice their sounds, then you give them a fish to fish as a prize. It’s a good way to integrate some work into play! 

Now imagine if you only use one fishing pole while you play with your child. You have to take turns to share the fishing pole. Put aaaalll the fish in one place and hold the fishing pole. Tell your child, “I will catch 1 fish, My turn” and fish for 1 fish. Then say, “your turn, you catch 1 fish” and share the fishing pole to your child. Make sure to emphasize that they only fish 1 fish, because you have to take turns! When they’re all done, say “my turn” and have your child give the fishing pole back.  Fish for 1 fish, “your turn”, fish for 1 fish, “my turn”, fish for 1 fish…..etc. You get the drill!


How we can help

This toy is a fun, bright, and engaging toy that is sure to peak your child’s interest. It can be used as a “Reinforcer” to promote practice and play at home, but can also teach integral play skills such as turn taking and sharing. Beyond Speech Specialists and our team of support staff are able to integrate additional ways to work with this toy! Whether it’s to promote language learning (think categorization skills, describing, requesting, etc.) or speech (practicing the “f” in fish!). They work with your child to best fit their speech and language needs. If you would like to know more about Beyond Speech, click here!