10 Fun Low-Tech Road Trip Toys For Kids

10 Fun Low-Tech Road Trip Toys For Kids

10 Fun Low-Tech Road Trip Toys For Kids

Summer is the perfect time to take a family road trip with the kids! Car trips are a really fun and exciting experience for the whole family, but long hours can make some kiddos a bit ants so it’s important to be prepared. 

We’ve gathered our 10 favorite, low tech road trip toys and activities to keep kids engaged and entertained as the miles slide by. When it’s time for a break from the tablets, have one of these awesome activities ready to go! 

1. Coloring & Activity Books

Coloring and activity books are an excellent way to keep kids occupied during a long car ride. They encourage creativity and help develop fine motor skills. You can choose a variety of coloring books and activity books that cater to your child’s interests.

2. Fidgets & Sensory Toys

It’s a great idea to have a stash of fidgets and other sensory toys ready to go. Long hours in the car can be hard for kids with busy minds and bodies so having some items on hand that they can use to channel that energy is an awesome idea! 

3. Magnet Drawing Boards

Easy to use and no mess, magnet drawing boards are a great way for kids to do some imaginary play, work fine motor skills and stay engaged.

4. Travel Games

Travel games, like card games or magnetic board games, are perfect for a long car ride. These games encourage problem-solving, concentration, and social skills, all while having fun.

5. White Boards & Dry Erase Markers

A great no-mess option for car rides, white boards and dry erase markers give kids the opportunity to draw, write or play games. 

6. Audio Books

Audio books are an excellent way to keep kids entertained while developing their listening and comprehension skills. You can choose books that your kids love or introduce them to new stories.

7. Puppets

An awesome way to pass the miles is to put on a road trip puppet show! Hand puppets are easy to pack and the imaginative play possibilities are endless! 

8. Building Blocks

Building blocks, such as Lego or Duplo, are excellent for developing fine motor skills, problem-solving, and creativity. Kids can create their own designs and structures, all while being entertained during the car ride.

9. No Mess Art Supplies

Pack a small bag with art supplies, such as pencils, markers, and paper, to encourage creativity and imagination during the road trip. Kids can create their own art or draw pictures of what they see outside the window.

10. Travel Journals

Travel journals are an excellent way to encourage writing and creativity during a road trip. Kids can write about their experiences, draw pictures, or paste in mementos, all while developing their literacy and storytelling skills.

Road trips are an amazing way to make lifelong memories with your family and a bit of preparation will ensure everyone, even the kiddos, have a great time.

From coloring books to travel journals, there are lots of low-tech options to keep your kids entertained during a long car ride, and give them a break from screens!

Wishing you a safe, exciting summer road trip!

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