4 Easy Tips for Healthier Fast Food Options On Your Next Road Trip

4 Easy Tips for Healthier Fast Food Options On Your Next Road Trip

4 Easy Tips for Healthier Fast Food Options On Your Next Road Trip

As the summer months quickly approach, we are all planning those fun summer adventures and we know for lots of our families that means road trips! And with road trips comes easy, convenient meals on the road. We know fast food is a quick option for families on-the-go, so let’s take this road trip staple and find the healthiest options! 

Our Registered Dieticians have put together some tips on healthier fast food eating for your summer road trips!

And remember as you’re on the road and looking for the healthiest food options, everything is totally ok in moderation! Don’t always say ‘no’ the fries, just say ‘yes’ to carrots sometimes instead of the fries!

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4 Ways To Make Healthier Fast Food Choices

Choose Grilled More Than Fried Items

While it’s easy to just get that crispy chicken sandwich at every drive thru, look for grilled options as well. Healthier fast food options is easy when you know what to look for!

Grilled chicken, burgers, nuggets will all be lower in saturated fat than fried foods and are a great source of protein to keep your kids feeling full during those long drives!

Look for Kid-Friendly Salads

A to-go salad is an awesome way to get some big nutrition on the road and many fast food restaurants offer kid-friendly salad options!

Look for salads with a variety of colors and toppings, such as grilled chicken or turkey, cucumbers, and carrots. Use a yummy salad dressing and a handful of croutons to add to the tastyness!

Choose Water More Than Soda or Juice

It’s easy to upgrade that meal with a drink but be aware of what that drink will be! Drinking water, or a milk of choice, is a healthier option than sugary drinks like soda or fruit juice. 

Soda and juice are great treats during your trip but avoid them as go-to drinks!

Pay Attention to Portion Size

Fast food portions are usually larger than what your kids need to feel full! As you make stops along the way, divide up a meal among the kids or look for smaller portions.

While fast food is usually the easiest option along your trip, it’s a great idea to make a stop at a grocery store along the way and stock up on healthy snacks for the car. 

Here’s a great list of healthy car snacks! Click here

Many of our favorite restaurants have healthier fast food options on the menu so the next time you’re in the drive-thru, try something new!

Healthier Fast Food Options From Our Favorites

We’ve rounded up some kid-friendly fast food options from some of our favorite spots!

  • McDonald’s: Choose a hamburger or cheeseburger with apple slices and milk or water. Or, opt for a 4-piece Chicken McNuggets with a side salad and water or milk.
  • Subway: Choose a 6-inch sandwich on whole-grain bread with lean protein, such as turkey breast or grilled chicken. Load up on veggies, such as lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers, and choose milk or water instead of soda. But throw in a ba
  • Wendy’s: Choose a small chili with a side of apple slices and water or milk. Or, opt for a grilled chicken wrap with a side of veggies and water or milk
  • Chick-fil-A: Choose a grilled chicken sandwich or grilled chicken nuggets with a side of fruit cup or side salad. Choose milk or water instead of soda.

Fast food can be a convenient option for families on the go, but it can be easy to make healthier fast food choices along the way! 

Before you even hit the road, have a conversation about the importance of eating healthy on your drive. Talk about balance and moderation and how you can order your fast food favorites while also planning for healthier fast food options along the way. 

Choosing grilled options, opting for kid-friendly salads, choosing water over soda and paying attention to portions are easy ways to make your next trip a bit more nutrition focused. Take some time before you leave to check out menu items at your favorite restaurants and have a few go-to options!

We know that it can be tough sometimes to make changes to your family’s food choices but even small changes and swaps can make a big difference! 

We are also here to help if you’re looking for more support with your child, or family’s, feeding and nutrition challenges. Reach out to us at Beyond Speech and we can connect you with one of our Registered Dieticians!

Happy Travels!