Speech Therapy   •   July 7, 2021

Summer Play Series: Speech-Language Activities For Summer Fun

Our kiddos may be out of school and away from the regular schoolwork that builds speech and language skills but that doesn’t mean they can’t flex those speech muscles all summer. We’ve gathered some easy, fun and super effective activities to keep minds engaged and speech skills strong!   No matter what activities you’re doing […]

Physical Therapy, Motor Skills at Home   •   June 23, 2021

Summer Play Series: 10 PT Supportive Summer Activities

Warmer temps and the longer days of summer provide the perfect backdrop for getting out and getting moving! When we work toward our PT goals we look at using big movement to strengthen the large muscles and build gross motor skills. We’ve gathered a whole bunch of easy-to-do summer activities that will keep those kiddos moving […]

Uncategorized   •   June 9, 2021

Summer Play Series: 10 OT Supportive Activities For Fun in The Sun

Summer is here! We’re ready for lazier days, sleeping in, family vacations and backyard bbq’s but just because we’re out of the school year routine doesn’t mean we can’t play with a purpose and keep those OT skills strong! We’ve put together 10 super fun, super effective activities to keep your kiddo’s mental and physical […]

Uncategorized   •   May 26, 2021

Targeting Therapy Goals During Bath Time

Fun and Easy Ways to Play With Purpose in The Tub! Bath time is a great opportunity to work on some important and therapy targeted skills. For some kiddos, the bath can be overwhelming and for others it’s a favorite time of day. We’ve put together some awesome activities and ideas for those kids both […]

Uncategorized   •   May 12, 2021

Executive Functioning Skills In Everyday Life

What Is Executive Functioning, Why It Is So Important and How We Can Support Our Kiddos   Executive functioning is a term you may have heard from one of your therapists, in progress meetings with your child’s teachers or when speaking with a doctor or clinician.  The term itself sounds a bit heavy, but Executive […]