Building Fine Motor Skills in Young Kids

Building Fine Motor Skills in Young Kids

Building Fine Motor Skills in Young Kids

What are fine motor skills?

Fine motor skills are used by your baby at any time to explore or complete a task using their hands, fingers, wrists and eyes. They use fine motor skills when they search for an item that attracts them, or when they hold their bottle during feeding times.

What is the importance of fine motor skills?

Even in this technological age, being able to control a pencil, pen or crayon with ease is still relevant. Your child needs good fine motor skills to hold a pencil correctly, and to use it to form letters and shapes.

Another experience dependent on fine motor skills is the correct use of scissors. Your child needs developed thumb, index finger, middle finger and wrist muscles to open and close the scissor blades. Being able to play a musical instrument also requires fine motor skills.

What we recommend

A good recommendation would be the Melissa and Doug Paint with Water book. This is a paint book set that consists of several sketches themed across ocean, farm, and safari. This is a “mess free” activity that works on their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, while also developing their sense of color.

How we help

At Beyond Speech, we agree that children feel the most relaxed at home, and this is the best place to start improving their fine motor skills! That’s why we provide your child with therapy in home.

Just like developing fine motor skills, there are a lot of other skills that help your child’s overall development, and we can work on them all! If you’re looking to get the best pediatric therapy near you, click here.