Working on Visual Motor Development Using Fun Games with Pediatric Therapy at Home

Working on Visual Motor Development Using Fun Games with Pediatric Therapy at Home

Visual motor development is very important at a young age because it is the foundation of teaching children shapes, letter formation, and number formation. When children can imitate with their hands what they are seeing with their eyes, this is a sign of mature visual motor skills. For example, if you build a single tower of blocks, have your child imitate it and build a single tower just like yours, that would be an example of practicing visual motor development.  If they are a little more advanced, you can build a two or three dimensional block pattern design and have them imitate that. As they further develop their skills, you can transition this activity over to paper; draw a vertical line and ask them to imitate it. Next, draw a cross or a simple shape and ask them to imitate it. These are examples of visual motor development skills. 

What we recommend

This “Learning Resources color cubes” activity is a great way to play with your child and help them further develop and strengthen their visual motor skills. It comes with various cards with different block pattern designs and colored blocks. The child has to try to build a block pattern design to match the one on the card. You could also work on color identification with them as they stack the blocks. Additionally you can work on counting the blocks and turn the activity into math problems. This activity also works on problem solving and using critical thinking in addition to motor planning skills. So many skills encompassed into one activity and this is all for under $20. It can be found on Amazon. 

How we can help

Engaging children through therapeutic play and fun interactions is where we thrive. We use creativity and exploration of various media to engage children in further developing their skills while they are having fun “playing”. If you have concerns with your child’s fine/visual motor, gross motor, speech/language, or social/emotional needs we are happy to help. Beyond Speech offers teletherapy during these unprecedented time, and regularly offers in-home therapy as well as clinic-based therapy prior to and following the “stay at home order”. Additionally Beyond Speech offers free speech and language and motor screenings. If you are looking for top quality pediatric therapy near you, click here!