Beyond Speech Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Beyond Speech Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Beyond Speech Holiday Gift Guide 2022

It’s that time of year! Holiday shopping is in full swing and we are sharing our favorite skill-building, super fun toys and products.

At Beyond Speech we love to play with a purpose and this gift guide will help your family do just that – have so much fun while also working on important developmental skills! We’ve organized our most loved products by skill but each of these gifts will work for every child.

It’s time to shop!

Speech/Language Favorites

These toys allow children’s imagination to run wild while expanding their vocabulary! Sequencing, turn-taking, answering and asking questions are just a few of the skills that are easily targeted within these play activities.

holiday gift guide 2022

Melissa & Doug Poke-A-Dot Board Books

These fun, interactive books are perfect as little kids learn to count, practice naming items and using describing language

holiday gift guide 2022

Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party

Counting, sorting, matching and so much more for our early talkers! Each box also comes with a fun surprise!

holiday gift guide 2022


The game of quick questions and hilarious fun! A great game for older kiddos to work on describing language, deductive reasoning skills and quickly coming up with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions.

holiday gift guide 2022

Scrabble Junior

Scrabble Jr. is not just a fun game for everyone but it’s also a great way to support dyslexic strengths…big picture thinking, strategy, problem solving and interpersonal skills!

holiday gift guide 2022

Battat Big Red Barn Play Set

A simple but powerful toy to help with basic skills and concepts – identifying and describing objects, pretend play, oral storytelling and much more!

PT Favorites

These are some of our favorite toys to target balance, strength, coordination and/or proprioception in therapy. The sky is the limit when increasing your child’s motor skills at home and these favorites will help get you started!

Stepping Stones Balance Blocks

Work on balance and coordination using these colorful, sturdy multi level stepping stones. Great for indoor or outdoor use!

Wooden Wobble Board

This simple toy can be used so many ways! Wobble away and strengthen core muscles while working on balance, or flip it over and crawl through like a tunnel!

Radio Flyer Tricycle

A childhood classic AND an awesome gross motor toy! Kids build lower body strength and coordination all while cruising the neighborhood!

Mini Trampoline

Another simple yet super effective way to play! A mini trampoline is an awesome way to expend some energy, build large muscle groups and work balance and coordination.

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Talk about an all-in-one toy! This obstacle course provides the opportunity to do some major gross motor work – and have a blast in the process!

OT Favorites

These therapy favorites work on strengthening visual motor skills, fine motor strength, coordination and sensory integration, all while having a blast!

Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog

A simple and fun toy that works so well to develop and strengthen fine motor skills! A great early learning toy for our littler kiddos.

Magic Modeling Clay

This super lightweight modeling clay is awesome for creative sensory play that build hand and finger strength.

Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game

Work fine motor skills, color recognition and letter naming all in one fun game!

Outer Space Sensory Bin

This self-contained, multi-sensory bin comes with everything a kid could ask for! Learn, explore and play all in one!

DIY Flower Garden

This one is a visual and fine motor favorite! Plan, build and arrange your own faux garden! It’s pretend play at it’s best!

Social Work Favorites

We love to use these items to help promote social interaction, taking turns with peers, engaging in conversation, and executive functioning skills.

The Art of Children’s Conversation

This family game is a great way for children to become great communicators as they learn more about themselves and others, develop concepts and ideas and grow strong relationships


This one is hilarious fun for the whole family! Work on important turn taking and cooperation skills while also building vocab!

Mindfulness Matters

A game that goes beyond just a fun time! Work together to spell “mindful” while also learning important strategies for managing stress, worry and anger.

Spot It!

A fast-paced, family friendly favorite! Build cooperation, turn-taking and team play skills with this easy to play game!

It’s so easy to play with a purpose this holiday season! Our 2022 gift guide has something for every kiddo on your list!

And don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Beyond Speech Therapy Specialists if you have questions, concerns or simply want to learn more about our in-home private therapy!

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