A Letter to Our Families

A Letter to Our Families

A Letter to Our Families

To Our Wonderful Families,

We know that starting therapy of any kind for your child comes with a whole bunch of emotions – anxiety, excitement, nerves and, maybe, some hope. The beginning of a therapy journey is like stepping out into the unknown and having to put faith and trust in the ability of someone else. 

We want to thank you for placing that trust in us. We don’t take it for granted for one minute. 

The experience of therapy, for you and your child, can be a roller coaster – huge highs and big accomplishments coupled with hard days and frustrations. We promise we will be right there with you, every step of the way supporting, guiding and celebrating. We are truly in this together!

Your child is more to us than just an appointment on a calendar or a diagnosis on a form. What we do and how we approach our in-home therapy means that we can learn about your child as a whole. We want to find out what snacks are preferred this week, what color is a favorite, which stuffed animals are beloved, what area of the house they love to play in. We want to get to know THEM and not just their challenges.

What we do can sometimes look like playtime – toys out, games played, songs sung – but this is exactly how we provide the outstanding therapy we do, we play with a purpose! Our therapists bring their knowledge, expertise and deep love of their work to each and every session. They utilize the data to create the best possible therapy plan for your child and then turn that work into big fun. We want all of our kiddos to look forward to their therapy sessions and let me tell you, they do! 

We can also promise that it will get better – right now is not forever. You will see such growth in your child. You will see increased confidence and a desire to venture out a bit more. You will see smiles and giggles after mastering a new skill. You will start to notice abilities that weren’t there before and see them do new things effortlessly. Even on the days when it’s just plain tough, you will be able to catch glimpses of progress and know that all the very hard work is worth it.

We are so grateful to be with you on this journey and we are so excited to be a part of your team! Let’s get ready to celebrate success together!

All our love,

Jill, Katie, Carrie, Laura & the whole Beyond Speech Therapy Services Team