Our Beyond Speech therapist is warm, friendly, flexible, and professional. The strides our therapist made with our daughter each week was impressive and bypassed any kind of ‘work’ we thought we could do with her, and now because her speech has drastically improved she is more confident and social in play. We owe so much to our therapist and all that she was able to accomplish in just one year!

Kristyn S.

My Beyond Speech Therapist was beyond wonderful! She was timely, smart, creative, worked well with my daughter, fun, and pleasant. I was so happy that she was teamed up with my daughter. In 6-7 months’ time she corrected my daughter’s speech issue. In turn her speech exploded and she spoke accurately and well. My daughter’s therapist went above and beyond from start to finish. I could not have been happier with the experience!

Jennifer B.

We learned a lot from our Beyond Speech Therapy Specialist- not just gaining speech skills, but also helping with imaginative play, sign language, and more. We are very pleased with our son’s progress!

James R.

Beyond Speech Therapy is wonderful! Our therapist has helped my daughter with speech and with her phonics needs. Our therapist has gone over and beyond the call of duty. Highly recommended!

Trisha K.

I was referred to Early Intervention by my son’s doctor for a speech evaluation. However, through Early Intervention his services would be free but an income-based participation fee was $150 a month for my family. We were then referred to Beyond Speech and were able to use our medical insurance for 100% coverage. Beyond Speech uses the same techniques as Early Intervention and did sessions in our home where my son was more comfortable. After only 11 sessions, my son has made huge progress and we couldn’t be happier with the therapy sessions! I would highly suggest any parent concerned with their child’s speech to take action early and contact Beyond Speech!

Nicole R.

Our Beyond Speech Therapist has been a wonderful influence in our daughter’s life. She is dedicated to helping our daughter overcome her difficulties with reading. The therapist works hard to keep our daughter progressing each time they meet. She has an open and kind hearted personality that our daughter has really taken to. The therapist is always creating new and exciting games and activities to keep our daughter engaged and she does an excellent job! We could not ask for a more professional, organized, flexible, and dedicated individual to be a part of our lives. We are very thankful and blessed to have a Beyond Speech therapist bring her knowledge to our home and teach our daughter.

Diane R.

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