Physical Therapy   •   September 22, 2020

Balancing is the core of motor skills

The longer I am a physical therapist, the more I find these overarching themes in PT treatment. One thing that I find again and again is that balance is key in attaining all gross motor milestones. You need better balance to learn to walk, run, climb, ride a bike…the list goes on.  Balance is typically […]

Physical Therapy   •   August 24, 2020

Fun With Blocks During Physical Therapy

As a parent, one activity that I’m always up for is building with blocks. It’s also an activity that I frequently turn to for in-home therapy sessions. When my oldest was a baby we were given a big bag of Megablocks, and we are still using them today, even as she enters kindergarten. I love […]

Fine Motor Therapy   •   July 17, 2020

Using Chalk To Work on Motor Skills at Home

The heat is on here in the midwest. It’s the perfect time to enjoy getting outside with your family, and an easy outside activity is playing with sidewalk chalk. It can be fun for your littles to color and draw, but today I wanted to focus on using chalk to create fun obstacle courses to […]

In-home Therapy, Pediatric Physical Therapy   •   July 10, 2020

Working on Balance During Pediatric Physical Therapy In Home

Is your child working on balance in therapy? Balance is a skill that we focus on in physical therapy from early walking through grade school. You need balance to take your first steps, and you also need balance to succeed during PE class and recess. Balance requires strength, coordination and proprioception–the knowledge of where your […]

Speech Therapy   •   June 5, 2020

Core strength in young children

Have you noticed that your child sits with their legs in a “W” position? Or that your toddler struggles with kicking a ball or climbing the stairs? All of these issues can be related to core weakness. When a child’s abdominal, gluteal, and/or latissimus dorsi muscles are not as strong as they should be, he […]